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Sustainable Community Development Group (SCDG) is a Washington, DC based nonprofit that specializes in building healthy communities which provide sustainability for all. We believe that healthy inclusive community building results from a process that intersects 3 directives: equitable economic development, environmental justice and smart growth.


Cities, towns and neighborhoods are interdisciplinary systems, and striving to make them healthy, sustainable and equitable places to live is a complex enterprise. Sustainable Community Development Group was established to help stakeholders effectively navigate those complexities. Our areas of expertise incorporate 4 critical community essentials:

  • Environmental and Health Factors – pollution, climate change, land use, clean air and water, energy, and infrastructure
  • Social and Economic Factors – racial and wealth disparities, affordable housing, worker readiness and entrepreneurship
  • Education and Equitable Access Factors – public and private goods and services, transportation, parks, health care and nutrition
  • Historical and Legacy Factors – heritage preservation, blight and stigma, brownfields, vacant properties and sprawl

Our goal is to educate and develop leaders who understand the processes of equitable economic development, environmental justice and smart growth. This means research, teaching, coaching, leadership development and best practices to convey how public and private community development can be effectively used to clean up the environment, create jobs, green the infrastructure and tackle health and socioeconomic concerns.


Sustainable Community Development Group specializes in programs and public policies that address diverse populations, low wealth communities, people of color and low income. We serve the public, private, philanthropic and community sectors in settings internationally, regionally, at the federal and municipal level, and in the local neighborhood. Our professionals have worked with indigenous peoples and hundreds of community activists, delivering technical assistance, coordinating working relationships with government and stakeholder groups and overcoming obstacles to inclusive public engagement.

Our win-win is promoting sustainable economic development that delivers opportunities, benefits and prosperity for all communities, while providing the highest quality professional services.