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Public Policy & Governmental Relations

Sustainable Community Development Group promotes effective access to decision makers and productive relations with governmental and elected officials. Governmental relations can be the means by which agencies, organizations, institutions, and community groups connect on public policy and achieve their missions and goals.

Our staff is on your team, working to build strategic relationships, organize advocacy meetings and events, draft educational materials, form partnerships, and conduct follow-up which supports inclusive environmental and community revitalization. We help formulate strategies and tools to shape national policy, address issues affecting low wealth communities and attract resources for revitalization and innovation.

Services we offer:

  • Coordination of Interactions with Governmental Policymakers
  • Development and Coordination of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Monitoring of Critical Issues, Legislation and Regulations
  • Formulation of Public Policies, Education and¬†Advocacy

Sustainable Community Development Group is an experienced liaison with elected officials, community groups, anchor institutions, developers, and companies.