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Governmental Relations

African American Forum on Race & Regionalism (AAFRR)

SCDG managed AAFRR, the collaborative national training and public policy project which facilitated dialogue among federal, state and local elected officials with expert academicians, lawyers, environmental and community development practitioners, scientists, planners workforce developers and community leaders. Deliverables facilitated peer learning and capacity building for urban and rural elected officials on equitable development, smart growth, environmental stewardship and governance.  The Ford Foundation Metropolitan Sustainability Program supported the project.

National Community Revitalization Alliance

SCDG managed the National Community Revitalization Alliance, a coalition working at the federal level on equitable development and sustainable community revitalization.  Organizations represented are leaders in problem-solving and implementing innovative rural and urban strategies and projects including community development corporations, environmental justice groups, civic associations, faith based organizations, developers and community development practitioners.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

SCDG supported the first Mississippi Statewide Environmental Justice and Health Conference, spearheaded by Jesus People Against Pollution, convened by the Department in collaboration with the Mississippi Chemical Manufacturers Association and Jackson State University. Services included outreach, development and coordination of the planning committee comprised of State agencies and the public, private, academic and community sectors, developing the speakers roster, fundraising and facilitating the event. Conferees engaged in consensus process on priorities, action plans and capacity building.

Washington Office on Environmental Justice

SCDG’s principal managed the international coalition of grassroots leaders focused on federal compliance, Congressional education and the United Nations.  Capacity building and constituency engagement included, e.g., agency strategies and Congressional testimony; US EPA Common Sense Initiative; National Environmental Justice Advisory Council; National Enforcement Roundtable; Puerto Rico Satellite Downlink EPA Public Meeting; President’s Council on Sustainable Development; Just Transition Coalition; UN Habitat II Conference, Istanbul; UN 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing.