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SCDG’s professional services help frame and establish goals and objectives, determine timetables, craft success strategies and effectively manage and evaluate projects. SCDG’s staff is sensitive to cultural distinctions and knowledgeable about the institutional and technical challenges posed in communities facing integrated environmental, health, economic and social challenges.  We help define, study and report on issues; develop communications and advocacy strategies; liaison with government and stakeholder groups; and manage and evaluate projects.

We are knowledgeable about the complex process of building consensus; organizing coalitions and outreach; design and facilitation of inter-agency projects; and cultivating public-private partnerships. Our goals are education and strategies that help develop leaders who understand how public and private redevelopment works and can be used to tackle health, environmental, social and economic concerns.

SCDG builds capacity to develop sustainably, tackle socioeconomic concerns and strengthen community resiliency. Projects and technical assistance that we deliver are local, regional, national and international. Cross sector collaboration is fundamental. We facilitate clients in applying for allocating and overseeing the effective use of local, state and federal funds, grants and contracts management, and coordination of contractors for programs and targeted neighborhoods. Our staff concentrates one-on-one and with groups to understand needs and attain goals. SCDG offers measurable results with a unique blend of local expertise and national reach.

SCDG’s experts are pleased to serve elected officials, municipalities, philanthropies, colleges and universities, faith-based, civil rights, environmental and public interest groups, community development corporations, communities, companies and governmental agencies. We support our clients and partners through the entire project lifecycle.