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“We are committed to helping clients implement sustainable decisions by taking into account the causes and effects of actions which affect growth, economic development, the environment and health.” 

At Sustainable Community Development Group, our mission incorporates three overarching directives: equitable economic development, environmental justice, and smart growth. Together these directives embody professional services as varied as research, training, stakeholder engagement, inclusive decision making, and providing advice about environmentally friendly investments, which are specifically tailored to assist you in revitalizing your community.

Equitable Economic Development

Equitable Development occurs at the intersection of healthy, vibrant communities and the expansion of shared economic benefits and opportunities. This process requires targeted strategies to ensure that low income and disadvantaged residents, including people of color, have a voice in the development decisions which directly affect where they live. This means assessing deeply entrenched and interconnected impacts of race and poverty, chronically high unemployment, under-employment, environmental and health disparities, and disparities of access to public and private sector goods and services.

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice refers to all processes that support cultural norms and values, rules, regulations, behaviors, policies, and decisions designed to foster sustainable communities. This means creating a space where people can interact with confidence that their environment is safe, nurturing, and productive. Environmental Justice is served where cultural and biological diversity are respected, and when people can realize their highest potential supported by safe working environments; living wages; quality schools and recreation; affordable housing; adequate health care; personal empowerment; and communities free of violence, drugs, and poverty.

Smart Growth

Smart Growth is an urban planning and transportation strategy that concentrates development in compact walkable urban centers to avoid issues traditionally associated with sprawl. Smart growth promotes transit-oriented infill, walkable, neighborhoods and mixed-use development with a range of housing choices. Limiting sprawl helps communities because many unemployed and underemployed workers, often disproportionately people of color, cannot afford to own an automobile, and many of the jobs are in suburbs not easily accessible by public transportation. Sprawl denies economic opportunity to people who need it most.

Results Driven

The Sustainable Community Development Group team produces results by strengthening stakeholder and community capacity to deploy assets and solve problems. All of our state of the art strategies are implemented using data, through systematized engagement and shared learning, by identifying resources and opportunities, and initiating gap analysis. When implemented effectively, these strategies ensure not only increased levels of opportunity, but that disadvantaged populations enjoy equal access and benefits from those opportunities.

SCDG’s team delivers expert services locally, in the states, at the national level and international venues. We are a Washington, DC based not-for-profit corporation organized under Internal Revenue Service Section 501c3.