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Sustainable Communities

“Sustainability is a means to address environmental cleanup and revitalization of distressed neighborhoods, to promote shared economic prosperity in low wealth communities and to foster overall public health.  In many of our communities, if sustainability is go­ing to be sustainable, the impacts produced by discrimination and the governmental subsidies that developed suburbs and exurbs at the expense of ur­ban and rural cities and towns must be addressed.  In other words, public policy and the investments that flow from those policies must reflect the undeniable fact that all communities are not at the same starting point. The on-ramp to sustain­ability is addressing environmental, socio-economic, and health impacts in our neighborhoods, ensuring that these communities can deploy the tools and participate in the benefits of the emerg­ing new green economy. This means rebuilding our communities — not just bricks and mortar, but also the social and economic fabric.”

– Deeohn Ferris, JD, Sustainable Community Development Group

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